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Cricket Revolution is NOW AVAILABLE! Oct 30th, 2009
The wait is finally over, CR is now available on Steam! Experience the cricket game with the most comprehensive gameplay ever! Get it now to start your online cricketing career and blast your way to the top of the Leaderboards!
GET INTO THE CR NETS! Oct 4th, 2009

The much anticipated Cricket Revolution Demo is now available for download, and it gives you access to the most extensive net practice mode ever. Prepare for your online competitive matches in advance!

Learn how to play all 34 strokes, perfect your timing and placement to get your scoreboard ticking. On the bowling end, practice how to land the balls in the right places by mastering the bowling gadget. 

Download the Demo NOW!

Cricket Revolution Beta Test: Accepting Applications Sep 17th, 2009

On popular demand, Mindstorm Studios will be conducting a closed beta for Cricket Revolution. Players and fans that get selected will not only get to try out the game early, but also provide feedback to help shape the game’s first release. If you think you have what it takes to test the game for us, go ahead and sign-up for it NOW!

Note: The deadline for applying is 24th September.

New In-game Video Sep 2nd, 2009

You wanted it, now you got it! The CR team is proud to present a new gameplay video to all you cricket game fans out there.

The new in-game trailer gives a sneak-peek of the game’s special deliveries and their uses, a feature unique to Cricket Revolution, and reveals additional details about the game menu, batting states, team management and active game play.

So what are you waiting for? Click here  to see it NOW! Or download it from Planet Cricket.

Coming to Steam this October Aug 6th, 2009
It’s official and hot off the press – we announced the release date for Cricket Revolution today along with our partnership with Steam, which will serve as a digital distribution platform to reach out to millions of users worldwide. Cricket Revolution will now be available for purchase and download via Steam in October 2009.

To visit Cricket Revolution’s page on steam, click here. For more information regarding steam, go to

New Media Content Available! Aug 1st, 2009

Screenshots, wallpapers, release cinematic… you name it! All of this is available in our freshly updated media section.

Screenshots Cinematic Wallpapers

If that isn’t enough, go ahead and download our Fan Kit, which is loaded with all the must-have information and media such as avatars for your profile, additional wallpapers and even a bonus video!

Cricket Revolution Community Site Launched! Aug 1st, 2009

The Cricket Revolution community site has launched, and the dev team has packed it full of features for all you cricket fans out there! The site has several updates for you to explore, including:

Player Guide:
The game guide you’ve been waiting for! Find out what Cricket Revolution is all about and what makes it tick in our comprehensive player guide.

New Content: Explore the media section for our latest screenshots, wallpapers, and video releases.

News Section: Stay up to date with the latest developments via our new news section.
Beta Community: CR Beta testing is underway and our testers are flexing the community features to bring you a solid and enjoyable experience. Community features include:

  • Leaderboards
  • Player profiles
  • Detailed performance statistics
  • Awards and achievements
  • Clubs
  • Community Forums
Sign Up today and jump start your Cricket Revolution career! Account names are open for reservation, so join our forums and reserve your nick now.

Game Player Guide Released! July 18th, 2009

Are there going to be in-swinging yorkers in the game? What abilities do the batsmen have? What’s the probability for edging the ball to the keeper? How many different shots can you play? All your gameplay related questions (and more!) have been answered in our fresh-off-the-press player guide.

The guide covers all the essential areas of the game and walks you through the complete feature set, player abilities, gameplay techniques, and a whole lot more! Additionally, we’ve opened up the gameplay balancing tables to you, so bring on the comments and questions. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Internal Beta July 3rd, 2009

The game is ON, and internal beta testing has begun! Several site features are being tested, balanced, and tweeked under beta as we head towards release to bring you the best online cricketing experience possible.

Further updates regarding any changes or new features will be posted in this section. Stay tuned!


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